Welcome to contemporary Los Angeles, where worlds collide. In this instance we have the Nanny State that brought us the second-hand-smoke-kills movement versus the liberal, pro-medical marijuana faction.

The two have come together this week at the Omni Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, where the granddaddy of pro-pot groups, NORML, is holding its annual statewide conference.

Guess what?

The Omni is a nonsmoking hotel! No toking, anywhere on the grounds, is allowed, a rep told the Weekly.

And so, there have been complaints. NORML today put it this way:

Credit: Valentina Volavia / Flickr

Credit: Valentina Volavia / Flickr

A good time is being had by all, despite the hotel's clampdown on smoking on the patios after other patrons, apparently, complained (perhaps the belligerent Republican Romney fans watching the first presidential debate in the hotel bar on the opening night; or the senior citizens in the apartment complex next door). Despite 15 years of “legalization” there is almost no where to medicate publicly …


Despite the culture clash (the conference featured speakers such as old-school liberal Tom Hayden and “'60s icon” Paul Krassner) the Omni rep says the hotel appreciates NORML's business:

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It's definitely a good group for us. But our hotel is nonsmoking, so it's a little ironic.

Ya think?

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