In that last few weeks we've seen people run for Japan, sell clothes for Japan, and dance for Japan.

But this is a first (and L.A. area dispensaries, why the hell were you beaten to this punch?):

A Colorado pot shop that advertises “WOWIE, WE'VE GOT MAUI!” has devised the “Joints for Japan” fundraiser.



Seems at this point you could put anything for-profit in front of “for Japan” and make a go of it.

Compassionate Pain Management in Louisville, Colorado devised the fundraiser and tweeted it to much fanfare this week.

Joints for Japan.; Credit: Twitter

Joints for Japan.; Credit: Twitter

The dispensary says 100 percent of the proceeds from the spliffs will go to help victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

The shop reportedly rejected such fund-raising titles as “Bake for the Quake” and “Joint Relief.” Thank God.

Owner Shaun Gindi tells Colorado's 9 News:

I think that we need to stand up and do whatever we can to get rid of the stigma that's attached to this. I don't think they [the people of Japan] care where help is coming from, not in the condition they are in now. Anyone that can help out should help out. It's devastated over there.

Take that, American Red Cross.

The joints, by the way, cost $5.

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