How epic is California's medical marijuana scene?

Well, pot here is a little like water — as it floods it spreads.

So much so that some authorities think that purveyors of find Golden State cannabis — said by some to be the state's largest cash crop — are turning to the out-of-state export business because weed is so plentiful and prices so low here.

That is, at least according to the website California Watch, which reports:

In a recent string of high-profile arrests in places like Michigan, Ohio, Utah and Illinois, Californians have been caught with large hauls of marijuana. Kansas highway patrol officers also recently arrested two men from California after a traffic stop yielded $260,000 worth of pot.

The story cites folks like our old pal Lisette Lee, the Beverly Hills resident accused of smuggling 7,000 pounds of Cali green to Ohio. (She got six years behind bars).

Authorities in the Midwest appear to be a little miffed about the situation, with Kirk Simone, a recently retired lieutenant at the Kansas Highway Patrol, saying, “The whole United States has seen marijuana that's being grown in California being transported all over the country for sale.”

Sorry. But as the rest of the country continues its medical-legalization wave, maybe they'll thank us later.

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