An Eastside dispensary is planning on hosting a marijuana farmers market during the 4th of July weekend. What could be more patriotic?

The West Coast Collective dispensary plans to hold the California Heritage Market outdoors on its property, says the organizer of the farmers market, Paizley Bradbury, who's also director of the medical retailer.

Bradbury told us that “growers, edible bakers, concentrate companies” and even competing dispensaries have been invited to sell their wares on-site. The concept, she says, is … 
 … similar to the restaurant industry's farm-to-table revolution. “It's a chance for the patients to meet growers themselves,” Bradbury said.

Some growers on-hand will peddle only organic wares, but not all will, she said. “Some need to step up their game,” Bradbury said.

The event expects 50 vendors, mostly outdoors, she said. All buyers must be patients with legit doctor's recommendations, and they all must be checked in at the dispensary's entrance, she added.

“We're trying to show a different way of running this industry,” Bradbury said. “Cut out the dispensaries, who have control over how this experience is regulated.”

Although it opened on April 20 (4/20), West Coast Collective is what is known locally as pre-ICO, she said. That would mean it has been granted immunity, along with about 135 other 2007-era L.A. pot shops, from the city's ban on dispensaries.

How is it both new and 2007-era? That's a good question. Bradbury said that West Coast Collective is a new “doing business as” name operating under the pre-ICO “license” (there really is no such thing as a medical marijuana license, by the way) of an entity called Progressive Horizons, Inc.

We had previously asked the City Attorney's office if opening new shops under the name of an old pre-ICO entity was legal, and it didn't really have a definitive answer for us.

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So is this farmers market legit? The City Attorney's office had no immediate answer for us.

Interestingly, High Times magazine's local Cannabis Cup happened outdoors this year at San Bernardino's National Orange Show Event Center, with weed being displayed out in the open. But: San Bernardino is not the city of L.A.

Bradbury says that the whole plan for the California Heritage Market has been reviewed by an attorney. She said that the individual vendors would be handling their own transactions.

Though she said the vendors would also be legit, there appears to be no law in the city of L.A. that allows an edible maker or a pot grower to distribute directly to more than three people unless they are a registered pre-ICO dispensary.

The farmers market is scheduled to take place from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. July 4-6 at 1500 Esperanza St. Info.

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