All that legal pot-shop weed being grown “collectively” in grandmothers' gardens everywhere, and somebody still finds that it's profitable to start a marijuana plantation in the middle of a national forest?


Authorities north of Santa Clarita brought down a humdinger of an outdoor bud factory in the Poison Oak Canyon area of the Angeles National Forest, according to Santa Clarita Radio (AM 1220). How much cannabis was seized?

2,719 plants, or, as L.A. County Sheriff's officials told the station, about $4 million worth. They called it a sophisticated farming operation.

Wow, all the pot for the street? Or is maybe some of it heading in the back doors of some of those law-abiding dispensaries around town?


It all went down Monday about six miles east of Interstate 5 and Highway 138. The terrain is so rough, though, that authorities had to be airlifted in, the station reported.

No arrests were made. The dope will probably be burned. And not in the just-got-home-from-the-pot-shop-way, either.


LA Weekly