Ah, the lowly medical marijuana doctor. As if they don't suffer enough indignity. (What do they tell parents of their love interests when asked what they specialize in? Herbology?). Now comes word that California officials are warning them about a scam.

Turns out some low lifes (lower than a cannabis doc, apparently) are targeting our fine physician friends in an attempt at what looks to us like identity theft. (And you know where that leads — credit cards, cash).

Here's the alert to pot quacks sent out by the Medical Board of California this week:

The Board has been advised that several physicians in the Los Angeles area have been contacted by an individual impersonating an Investigator with the Medical Board of California. The individual asks physicians for their social security number and a credit card number, threatening cancellation of their license.

Board officials say the sender is a fake, fraud, phony. Don't do give up the info.

We called the Board to ask if any of the attempts to get the data have been successful. We have yet to hear back.

And potheads, we're just joking about cannabis doctors being low. We love them, we really do. They're just slightly below brain surgeons (and way above podiatrists) in our personal ranking of the medical profession. They're part of what makes L.A. such a laid back place. Don't cancel your ads. Don't call our editor. K? Take a chill pill. Or better yet, light up. Relax. We kid.

Added: Medical Board research analyst Debbie Nelson got back to us this afternoon and said it was “too early” in this alleged crime's lifespan to comment, but she did say:

We do encourage physicians who have been contacted to alert the board and their local law enforcement.


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