While the Los Angeles City Council has been sitting on its hands for the last three years and still has yet to produce a law governing local pot dispensaries, the county government of Los Angeles put regulations on the book in 2006 and this week moved to close a marijuana shop in Whittier.

County officials say the Starlight 420 Center has been operating at 15640 Leffingwell

Road for more than six months and has multiple code and zoning violations, including being 285 feet from a McDonald's playground and 595 feet from a child care center. The county's 2006 law prohibits dispensaries in county governed areas from being 1,000 feet of such facilities.

The county also says the dispensary has been running without a business license or conditional use permit. Officials began cracking down on the pot shop after neighbors complained about the smells coming from the dispensary. Some even claimed that adults gave pot to children outside the store.

A Superior Court judge granted a preliminary injunction, which bars the dispensary from possessing, giving away or selling pot. The county is moving to make the injunction permanent.

“This is a big victory for the county,'' Supervisor Don Knabe said. “Today's ruling is not about whether medical marijuana is right or wrong — the voters have already answered that question.”

LA Weekly