Updated at the bottom: The feds hit Eagle Rock today. First posted at 4:23 p.m. Monday.

Nearly three weeks after federal authorities rocked the L.A. medical marijuana world by targeting for closure all shops downtown and in Eagle Rock, a pair of DEA agents today went knocking on the doors of at least some of them.

Pretty much all of them, as well as their landlords and associated “operators,” received warning letters from the feds in late September saying that what's going on at the locations is not recognized by the U.S. government as legal.

But — you know — people tend to ignore letters. And so …

… a couple of agents hoofed it around L.A.'s core neighborhoods today to ensure the shops got the message.

The in-person warnings seemed to spook some shops, with Americans for Safe Access tweeting that such a move was “unusual.”

After we were tipped off that as many as 21 dispensaries were visited today, we asked the DEA about it.

DEA spokeswoman Sarah Pullen told us:

We do have a couple agents doing follow-up. It's routine, since these letters are going out. We wanted to determine the status of where these places are at.

Still open, we would presume.

On Sept. 25, federal authorities announced that 68 locations were targeted with warning letters and another three were raided in downtown and Eagle Rock. The U.S. Attorney's Office in L.A. stated that it was aiming at …

… all known marijuana stores in the Eagle Rock and downtown areas of Los Angeles, as well as the single store known to be operating in Huntington Park.

Guess they mean it.

Bad news for the nation's medical marijuana capital, where a ban on pot shops was recently overturned.

[Update at 3:30 p.m.]: Rumors of DEA raids in Eagle Rock are just more of the same: Pullen tells us today that DEA agents are doing a second day of inspections, hitting Eagle Rock dispensaries that were targeted with warning letters.

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