L.A. medical marijuana dispensary supporters say the stores are safe.

But they sure do seem to attract occasional violence. A RAND study last year was retracted after claiming that crime actually went down around dispensaries. Not so said the LAPD.

And not to blame the victims: The valuable drugs and cash-and-carry nature of the business seems to attract bad guys with guns. Sometimes.

In our latest edition of pot shop violence we have …

… a victim who appears to have been shot in the face, at least according to KTLA News, after an attack outside a Tarzana dispensary last night.

Cops told the station the victim sustained a graze wound that was non-life-threatening.

City News Service reports that the attack happened at 7:45 p.m. outside the dispensary in the 19400 block of Ventura Boulevard.

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KTLA says it happened in a back alley.

Not where we'd want to be holding weed. Or cash.

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