In case you forgot where you were, the California Democratic Party passed a resolution over the weekend expressing its support for the full legalization of pot in Colorado and Washington.

The party wants Obama to be hands-off when it comes to enforcing federal drug laws in those states. In fact …

… the California Democrats are urging the president to stop meddling in state business, namely in cracking down on medical marijuana dispensaries that are otherwise legal in the Golden State.

The resolution states, in part:

… The California Democratic Part asks President Obama to end the Department of Justice interference and raids by federal agencies in states with medical marijuana laws.

It also asks the prez “to allow the newly enacted marijuana legalization laws in Colorado and Washington to go into effect with no federal interference.”

The call for less federal oversight in matters of bud was sponsored, of course, by the Brownie Marie Democratic Club of Riverside County, which bills itself as the “first medical cannabis club in any major political party.”


Credit: Nanette Gonzalez for LA Weekly

Credit: Nanette Gonzalez for LA Weekly

The group called the Marijuana Majority — representing those of you who want to decriminalize it — is happy with the Dems' move. Tom Angell, chairman of of the organization, sent us this statement:

More and more prominent voices are speaking up to encourage the president to finally follow through on his 2008 campaign pledge to respect state marijuana laws. A few weeks ago it was the U.S. Conference of Mayors and the New York Times editorial board. Now it's the Democratic Party of the country's most populous state. Pressure is mounting, and sooner or later the administration is going to have to announce what it wants to do about Colorado and Washington. Almost no one is clamoring for a crackdown, so the popular — and the right — thing to do is to let these states implement their own laws without interference.


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