You thought the old “magic bus” was stuck in the 1960s. But a group of pro-medical-marijuana activists is getting on board and heading to Sacramento this week.

Best smelling vehicle ever.

This particular drug-inspired trip intends to get lawmakers fired up for a proposed law that would essentially tell cities like L.A. and Long Beach that they can't ban cannabis dispensaries:

AB 2312, which passed the Assembly Committee on Public Safety last month, would establish at statewide Board of Medical Marijuana Enforcement to regulate pot shops while also preventing cities from banning them (though there are loopholes).

Credit: goodiez

Credit: goodiez

Marijuana activists organized by Riverside's THCF Patient Center are headed to Sacramento starting Friday to support the law and to attend a two-day “Unity Conference” to educate themselves on the lawmaking process while also lobbying legislators.

The conference is sponsored by Californians to Regulate Medical Marijuana, a group supporting AB 2312.

Organizers expect about 40 patients to make the “trip,” according to a statement sent to the Weekly.

Lanny Swerdlow, a bus-trip organizer and registered nurse, says:

California's voters passed Proposition 215 in 1996, almost 16 years ago and we are still fighting for our right to access our doctor recommended marijuana. While we continue to try and get the feds off our backs, we can't ignore the need to push for our rights enacted by the voters of California which for way to long have been undermined by cops intent on returning us to 1995.

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