In the wake of a national poll saying 56 percent of likely American voters favor legalizing marijuana, the group NORML Women's Alliance plans to hold candidates' feet to the lighter.

The organization will be asking candidates for L.A. County Superior Court judge what they think of medical marijuana. (For once, a judge on the hot seat. We like it.)

They'll also ask …

… about three-strikes laws, mandatory minimum sentencing and the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that has mandated prison population reduction in California.


Candidates will be vetted for the June 5 primary and then again for the general election in November.

Cheri Sicard, the NORML Women's Alliance leader in L.A:

We at the NORML Women's Alliance believe that judges hold one of the most important elected offices in our system of government. Judges, more than any other government officials, have a direct impact on the daily lives of the constituents they serve. Yet voters are often least informed about the candidates they elect to these important positions. We want to change that.

Indeed: We often have no idea who we're voting for when it comes to judges (some of us just pick the names we like). This would as good as any issue to help differentiate the hopefuls.

We have a good idea how the women of NORML will vote, at least if this statement is any indication:

… Marijuana prohibition is a self-destructive and hypocritical policy that undermines the American family, sends a mixed and false message to our young people, and destroys the cherished principles of personal liberty and local self-government.

Go, sisters.

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