Last year Koo Koo Roo closed several of its California locations and filed bankruptcy, chalking it up to a bad economy. This year Islands restaurants are showing signs of decline, closing their Beverly Hills and Laguna Hills locations. In more recent restaurant chain news, Marie Callender's filed bankruptcy, citing a “slump in sales due to weak economic environment in its primary markets,” according to Reuters.

“I'll miss their pies that come out on special in February and October,” said Sonia Martinez, a longtime Marie Callender's customer. And soon enough Andy Dick will have to venture elsewhere for a slice of banana cream pie before his trip to the slammer.

On Sunday, June 12, the restaurant posted a sign on its front door in the Howard Hughes Center informing customers they were closed, and to visit their other L.A. location. Parent company, Perkins & Marie Callender's Inc. is reported to have closed 58 company-owned restaurant locations thus far, sometimes so abruptly that they'd ask diners to leave while still eating… hopefully before paying the bill. Onlookers passing the now closed Howard Hughes location are trucking on to nearby Islands. For now.

LA Weekly