A former campaign manager for Marcy Winograd has endorsed Debra Bowen in the race for the 36th Congressional District.

“She's a very skilled legislator. I want someone who knows what they're doing,” said Daniel Tamm, who worked for Winograd in 2009. “Debra is by far the superior candidate.”

Winograd, an antiwar activist, tried twice to unseat Rep. Jane Harman in the congressional district that runs from Venice to San Pedro. In 2010, she took 41% of the Democratic primary vote.

Now that Harman has retired, Winograd is running again for the open seat. But she faces stiff competition from Bowen, the secretary of state, and from L.A. Councilwoman Janice Hahn.

Tamm, a progressive activist and consultant who lives in Sherman Oaks, did not get into the reasons for his departure from the Winograd campaign in 2009. He also didn't say why he isn't supporting Winograd — only why he is backing Bowen.

“This is a person of wisdom,” Tamm said. “She's not somebody who's acting emotionally. She's acting with a great deal of thought and consideration.”

Winograd said she hadn't crossed paths with Tamm in a while.

“This is not somebody I work with in the anti-war movement or the labor movement,” Winograd said. “He had been hired to help the campaign. It didn't work out.”

The Democratic Party is scheduled to make its endorsement in the race on Saturday.

Monday update
: Janice Hahn fell four delegates short of the 60% threshold needed to win the Democratic Party endorsement. Hahn put out a release claiming that her 57% showing is a “game changer” in the campaign.

(Digression: Have you noticed the kudzu-like proliferation of the term “game changer”? Not sure how this got started, though it could be Mark Halperin's fault. Just a couple weeks ago, we heard Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa declare that the pension deal with civilian employees was a “game changer.”)

Bowen got 40% of the delegate vote and Winograd got 2%.

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