Tisk Tisk Los Angeles….

Angelenos aren't very honest when it comes to buying tea, NBC4 reported. L.A. Weekly's Squid Ink first wrote last Thursday about a social experiment conducted by tea company Honest Tea where people could purchase their beverages at an unmanned kiosk at the Grove as well as other L.A. locations and leave a dollar as payment.

What people didn't know was that there was a hidden camera recording if customers actually left the cash. The test revealed only 75 percent of people paid, Allison Citino of Formula PR Inc told NBC4.

The data also showed that we're the least trustworthy city compared to Boston, Washington, Atlanta, New York and Chicago. Boston residents were the most honest with 93.3 percent of customers paying for their drinks.

With our wimpy results from the manly study last month, L.A. can now be known as a city filled with wusses and liars.

LA Weekly