Update: The mayor's statement, after the jump.

Following conclusions today that last summer's shooting of a Guatemalan day laborer in the Westlake district was within policy and not a crime, immigrants rights activists planned a 5 p.m. protest near MacArthur Park.

The Los Angeles Police Commission ruled that the Sept. 5 shooting of Manuel Jamines, who cops said was threatening people with a knife, was within policy. Likewise the District Attorney's office announced that shooter Frank Hernandez acted “lawfully” and for “self-defense” and that no charges would be filed.

Why are activists so riled up?

We're not sure.

One witnesses came forward to say Jamines was unarmed, but some if not most who saw the event said he was indeed threatening folks with the weapon, was bloodied, and appeared to be drunk.

The shooting prompted three nights of protests and some unrest near West Sixth street and South Union Avenue, not far from MacArthur Park.

Sixth and Union will be the site of a protest against the findings called by the Southern California Immigration Coalition.

Added: Los Angeles Police Protective League president Paul M. Weber hailed the decisions:

As we have said repeatedly, when individuals threaten police officers with a deadly weapon, they alone are responsible for the consequences of their actions. If you don't want to get shot by a police officer, don't try to stab one with a knife.

Added No. 2: Mayor Villaraigosa praised the conclusions:

I am very proud of the members of this commission … In this situation, they all concurred on the facts as described by [LAPD] Chief Beck.

Chief Charlie Beck asked protesters to behave.

“Be peaceful. Let's not take a step backward.”

More from the mayor:

We have the most capable, progressive, and independently-minded Police Commission in this City's history, and I support their decision that the actions were in compliance with the policy.

I ask Angelenos throughout the City to respect the process of review and today's findings. Any response to this investigation must remain peaceful and civil.

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