The L.A. Daily News, among many other sources, reports that Dodger left fielder Manny Ramirez and his super-agent, Scott Boras, have agreed to terms that would let Ramirez remain in L.A. for the next two years for a $45 million contract. “The agreement,” the DN says, “was pending results of a physical examination, which was expected to take place today.”

It's actually team owner Frank McCourt who needs his head examined. What part of “greatest economic disaster since the Great Depression” doesn't he understand? At least McCourt's wife, months ago, noted that paying Ramirez tens of millions of dollars during the current recession might seem — well, unseemly.

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No one can cast doubt on Ramirez's value to the team, either as a

hitter (his fielding's not so great) or as a popular icon. In terms of

giving the Dodgers and L.A. a sense of destiny and civic unity, he's

the best thing to happen to the team since Fernando Valenzuela's first

two seasons at Chavez Ravine. But $45 mil? Why not take a quarter of

the money and create an American Idol-type tryout spectacle at

Dodger Stadium for totally unknown amateurs, whose tested skills would

both help the team and inspire fan adoration?

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