Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao opened a new store in Hollywood beneath the Wild Card gym where he trains while in Los Angeles. The store, MP Merchandise, will sell all things Manny: lamps, posters, air fresheners, hand sanitizers, tee shirts, sweatshirts, gloves, slippers, hats, bags, and his brand new original fragrance, MP7.

The man himself was on-hand to cut the ribbon at the store's grand opening. Toyota gave away a free car. There was the usual fan frenzy. The airconditioner broke down, then was repaired. People ate at the Thai restaurant next door while waiting (and waiting, and waiting).

The lovely lady on the right is the girlfriend of the guy who art directed the photograph of Manny looking like the Godfather.

The bottle bears a small metal emblem of his fist, as if to say, this fragrance knocks you out.

You can also buy lamps, to show that Manny lights up your life.

And tee shirts. Manny's got your back, and you've got his.

These were the ribbons he cut. Those ribbons did not stand a chance.

Alas, these youngest fans did not get his autograph. Next time, girls.

LA Weekly