Mandy Ma is the creative, party-throwing, costume-wearing, cat-in-cage-putting cutie behind the blog Zippercut. By day she is a biochemist chemical engineer. By night she hosts tea parties at Culver City's Royal/T cafe. This is what her home looks like.

This is Mandy's cat Kiko. Kiko crawls into that vintage rat cage (bought at Rose Bowl flea market) voluntarily. Cat in a rat cage. Irony.

Mandy's friend, graphic designer Rion Suarez, made this lamp out of labware.

This is Mandy.

Rion made these animal butt and head mounts by sawing through some plastic animals and sticking them onto plaques. Rion is a DIY master. He says he's thinking of selling them on Etsy.

IKEA “Expedit” bookcase that Mandy painted to look like an expensive Eames cabinet.

Quoth the raven: Nevermore! Another Rion creation.

Wire rack purchased at Rose Bowl flea market, one of Mandy's favorite places.

Who's reading Harry Potter?

Welcome to the terraridome.

Mandy goes through design phases. Clowns, Gothic Lolita, shiny things. She is recently into Native American stuff. Hence, this blanket.

Some oddities in the lawyer bookcase in the living room.

Chinese translation of Where the Wild Things Are.

This is called a Hudson Bay blanket, or trapper blanket. It has little bars on the side which represent the number of beaver pelts the blanket is worth. Mandy believes this is the blanket that gave the Native Americans smallpox back in the old days. Not THIS exact blanket, but you know, the type of blanket.

She has a desk now. She used to just have a rolling cart by the bed to hold her computer.

She sewed through certain words on this page of text to make her own poem.

Silhouette cut at Disneyland. And what is that fabulous cover article beside it? Mandy was one of our featured profiles in last year's People Issue.

Target memory foam slippers. Also comes in cat version. And duck.

Vintage flea market poodle picture.

Her patio. She sometimes has movie nights here.

Mandy in her “Nipple Dress” made of felt. She sewed it herself. It is every bit as crazy-looking in person as in photo.

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