Robertson Boulevard has a high-concentration of star power for the sightseer: Kitson and The Ivy, Paris and Lohan. But the street's high-end shoppers and paparazzi were treated to an extra eyeful on Monday when a man with his pants down put on a show, according to the website Weho Daily.

Twitter user Lady D, a.k.a. Swaggahottie, reported that, of course, TMZ cameras were on-hand to expose the exposure. From her photos (NSFW) of the one-man flash mob it looks like the Los Angeles Police Department took jurisdiction in an area that weaves through L.A., Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.

Lady D reported that the man was “holding customers hostage” with his window display of nudity outside the Intermix store on Robertson.

Weho News states the suspect allegedly threw a bottle and threatened people on the street, prompting an “assault with a deadly weapon” call to the LAPD. They reportedly took the man down about 5:15 p.m.

There have been many fashion faux pas on this boulevard, including the reign of Ed Hardy, hot pink Ray-Bans, and ridiculously skinny jeans tucked into one's retro Reeboks. But Pants-Down Man takes the prize. And it wasn't his lack of slacks that will put him in the Robertson Boulevard Fashion Hall of Shame.

As Lady D tweeted, “The crazzzy man n' is wearing Uggs!!!! Lol!!!”

LA Weekly