A man who paid for a woman he contacted via Craigslist to come over and perform a “sexy dance” had second thoughts after he said she appeared older than her ad indicated: He asked for his $200 back and ultimately called police when she didn't give up the refund, according to the Orange County Register. Police in Ladera Ranch did not act: There's no law against performing a sexy dance, apparently. We're not sure what's more ballsy, calling the cops after ordering up a $200 dance via CL, or … having one's mother there to testify that the woman was not as advertised in her photo.

We don't recommend surfing for dancers via CL, but here's one solid rule for you Craigslist “sexy dance” trolls: Don't pay up-front, don't even answer your door, unless you like what you see in the peephole. Yeah?

At least this guy was willing to let the dancer leave with $20 for gas. She took all the money and ran. The cops could have done more, but we've got a feeling they suspected more than a sexy dance was desired, and that the two douches in this case canceled each other out.

A $200 lesson was learned.

LA Weekly