A mystery man turned in 58 guns, including 14 rifles, some of them assault-type weapons, to a “gifts for guns” exchange in Compton Tuesday.

The scene was witnessed by KTLA News, but the man did not want to speak on-camera. The exchange, run by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, aims to get weapons of the streets and promises a no-questions-asked policy. The program offers $100 Ralph's grocery cards for each gun turned in.

The man, who appeared to be driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV, also had several “Saturday-night specials” — small-caliber handguns often used in robberies. Sheriff's officials check the serial numbers of each gun turned in and keep them as evidence if they have any ties to crimes. If not, they melt them down for construction rebar, KTLA reports.

“That should feed someone for a year or two,” sheriff's Lt. Anthony Lucia said of the mystery donor's take in Ralph's cards. “There were a lot of the kind of weapons used in robberies. We don't know his identity. We don't know if he is gun dealer or what but, that is 58 guns off the street.”

LA Weekly