Man on Man at Zebulon: Man On Man is erstwhile Faith No More man Roddy Bottum and his significant other Joey Holman. “It was double-sided,” Bottom told us of their working relationship back in June. “Fortunate in one way, that we’re boyfriends and we love each other, but also this thing opened up where, ‘oh we can create together.’ That is very rare.”

“We had no idea we were making a band when we first started making the record,” Holman said. “We were just passing the time, and we were just writing music together. It was Roddy’s idea. We were driving from New York to L.A. and we had musical instruments. We knew we had to be stuck inside for a while, and we were just like, ‘Yeah, let’s make music.’ We didn’t have any concept of the future at all. It was just, ‘Let’s pass the time and let’s just survive and have some sort of a creative outlet.’ So we were very surprised and felt very lucky to be able to be here three years later at this point, and still doing it.”

Phranc and dimber also perform.

Man on Man at Zebulon: The event takes place at 7 p.m. on Friday, October 6 at Zebulon.






































































































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