An Irvine man has agreed to plead guilty to a charge related to uploading a copy of The Love Guru before its release. In exchange for his cooperation the U.S. Attorney's Office has agreed to recommend three years of probation instead of the possible maximum sentence of three years in federal prison.

We say hang the guy for visual terrorism. The Love Guru? Sorry, but Mike Myers should have stuck to Austin Powers. And — what — was he showing off that he had an advance copy of the crappiest film of the decade? You the man. Probation. Sheesh.

Federal authorities say it all started when 28-year-old Jack Yates of Porter Ranch, who has already been sentenced to six months in federal prison for copyright infringement, was working for a company hired by Paramount Pictures to copy the film for promotional mail-outs. In this case a screener was being prepared to promote the film on NBC's Tonight Show.

Authorities say Yates made a dub for himself and then “distributed the copy of the film to others,” and at least one of those others made it available to our genius and obvious film connoisseur, 31-21-year-old Mischa Wynhausen of Irvine. He then allegedly uploaded the film to the internet before its release.

Wynhausen is due in court in late January. He'll be sentenced based on “one count of uploading a copyrighted work being prepared for commercial distribution,” according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.

LA Weekly