Angelenos love pizza. Truly, we do. Because a Los Angeles pizzeria holds the Guinness World Record for the largest deliverable pizza (Big Mama’s and Papa’s “The Giant Sicilian” is 54” x 54” in size). But with so many options, how do you find the best pizza places in LA?

We’ll help you out! Here are the 10 best pizza places in LA (in no particular order):

10 Best Pizza Places in LA That Will Make You Hungry

1. Pizzeria Sei

The rave is real! Pizzeria Sei is considered to be one of the best pizza places in LA because of how the crust balances out all the ingredients their pizza is topped with. The pizza crust rarely gets reviews, but if diners praise Pizzeria Rei’s that much, you know it’s delicious! After all, why wouldn’t they?

The perfectly pinched crust is charred to perfection. It’s chewy, it’s fluffy, and it’s bouncy. Pizzeria Sei is known for its Napoletana-style pizza where the pie is topped with anchovy, capers, and olive. But their Bismarck also sells out early — it’s topped with fior di latte, pecorino, prosciutto cotto, and drizzled with truffle oil. Yum!

2. Quarter Sheets Pizza Club

Quarter Sheets started as a pandemic pop-up but it’s grown to become one of the best pizza places in LA because of their Detroit-style pizza. The crust of their square pizzas is focaccia-like in texture. And they offer thicker pan-style varieties as well as Sicilian-style pizzas.

TimeOut says, “The ratio of toppings to dough is always spot on, and so are the flavors—they range from the classics and expecteds (pepperoni with red sauce, basil and cheese) to weekly specials that always have us checking for entirely new creations, and some of our favorites, which we greet like an old friend whenever it’s their turn in the rotation again,”

Their desserts, however, are also said to be just as delicious. Their decadent cakes are mouthwatering, and their cookies are chewy and tasty!

3. Ronan

Ronan is a beloved pizza place in LA for several reasons — their menu items are cute and quirky in description yet they’re deliciously and wonderfully curated for Angelenos. They offer the classics like marinara pizza (with anchovy, garlic, oregano, and “too much sauce”), but they also have the “How ‘nduja want it?” that’s a white sauce pizza topped with celery, green onions, spicy sausage, and gorgonzola crema.

Moreover, Ronan pays homage to another Angeleno staple: Philippe’s calzone. They offer the “Ode to Philippe” or the French dip calzone with roast beef, onion jus, and hot mustard.

4. DTown Pizzeria

If a native Michigander sells Detroit-style pizza, then you know it’s the real deal! DTown Pizzeria is also one of the best pizza places in LA because #1, pizza doesn’t always have to be round. #2, we love a good cheese pull! #3, DTown Pizzeria just has amazing pizza!

DTown Pizzeria offers the “1946 Cheese Pizza.” Which is an 8” x 10” pizza with Wisconsin brick cheese and “red racing stripe sauce.” However, they also offer the unique “Goomba Pepperoni Pizza” where the pizza has pepperoni and fennel pollen.

5. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele

If you want a classic, well-established, authentic Italian pizza, look no further. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele (or simply “da Michele”) has been cooking pizza since 1870 — making this pizza place one of the oldest operating pizzerias in the world. Da Michele was featured in Eat, Pray, Love, and Angelenos sure love to eat their pizza!

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele has tons of menu items — way more items than the one in Naples. So if you get overwhelmed, you can’t go wrong if you stick to the classics. Da Michele pretty much perfected the art of pizza making anyway!

6. Apollonia’s Pizzeria

It’s hard to judge how scrumptious the pizza is based on appearance alone. But when Eater Los Angeles describes your pizza as “photogenic” and TimeOut calls it a piece of “fine art,” then you know that Apollonia’s pizza is top-tier. But Apollonia’s Pizzeria wouldn’t be one of the best pizza places in LA based on looks alone! They also mastered making pizza that consistently gets the Angelenos ordering.

Apollonia’s Pizzeria offers gluten-free and vegan pizza. They also allow you to build your own pizza — with plenty of toppings to choose from! But Apollonia’s isn’t just great at creating aesthetically-pleasing pizzas, and being considerate of their customer’s dietary needs, they also make artisanal pizzas — try their “The Mayor’s Mistress” or “The Dirty Agent.”

7. Prime Pizza

On top of the cheesy pizza with a delightfully chewy dough, Prime Pizza offers what Los Angeles residents need: convenience. The pizza joint is available for takeout and delivery. They have branches scattered in a few locations across California. But in LA, they can be found in Little Tokyo, Santa Monica, Fairfax, and the Westside.

Prime Pizza is a favorite among friends who are throwing a house party, or buddies who are crashing after a fun night out. Because Prime Pizza delivers New York-style pizza fuss-free. You can either go for the classics such as cheese or pepperoni pizza — or you can try their sausage-kale pizza.

8. Pizzeria Bianco

That’s right! Pizzeria Bianco is now in LA. If you’re ever in Row DTLA or nearby, you can drop by and order pizza from this beloved Phoenix pizza place. If you ever tried Pizzeria Bianco in Arizona, then you already know what the hype is about. But if not, the Condé Nast Traveler review calls it “Last-meal material pizza in (gasp) Phoenix.” — but it’s in LA now…so it’s just practically last-meal material, period!

CNTraveler also describes it, “As Hendrix is to guitar and Picasso is to paintbrush, Bianco is to pizza dough. For decades, Chris Bianco has led America’s new-wave pizza movement. He uses ingredients of supreme purpose: a tactical flour blend to produce a shattering chew, hyperlocal farm produce, and tomatoes he grows with a partner in California.”

9. Danny Boy’s Famous Original

Danny Boy’s describes their pizza as “Famously Original And Originally Famously Delicious” and we believe them! Tucked inside Halo DTLA is Danny Boy’s Famous Original where they cater to busy Angelenos during lunch breaks. But LA residents from all walks of life can grab a slice of this New York-style pizza that can very well compete with the $1 NY pizza.

You can grab a slice or a whole pie if you order from Danny Boy’s. You can also build your own pizza, make it vegan or gluten-free. As for the toppings, prepare to get overwhelmed — they offer pepperoni, ham, mushrooms, jalapeños, basil, olives, caramelized onions, and even the “controversial” pineapples!

10. Pijja Palace

We often think that pizza is exclusively Italian. But who would have thought that pizza would taste good when it’s added with a South Asian twist? In Pijja Palace, you can choose your base (northern makhini, peri-peri vindaloo, or white korma).

For the toppings, Pijja Palace offers the traditional spicy pepperoni, roasted garlic, and roasted fresnos. But you can also go for Indian-inspired ones. Such as chicken tikka, bell peppers jalfrezi, kandal paneer, tandoori onions, and many more. Additionally, you can also order their soft-serve cookies and cardamom.

Grab a Slice!

There are many delicious pizzerias in Los Angeles. That’s why it’s difficult to choose the best pizza places in LA — because they’re everywhere! However, these pizza places are based on reviews by foodies, critics, and hungry Angelenos who very much deserve delicious pizza!

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