Now Malibu has another attraction besides its beaches: a new marijuana strain provided by Mr. Tommy Chong himself, available right across the street from the beach.

The hot spot providing the strain, 99 High Tide Collective, is on a mission to enlighten others about the revitalizing powers of medical cannabis. They serve in-state patients and the community with high quality cannabis concentrates, flowers and edibles.

The shop’s owners opened on April 20 after running 99 High Art Collective and the Green Gallery dispensary on Abbot Kinney in Venice since 2008. 99 Collective is now in Malibu as the 99 High Tide Collective, sitting pretty on PCH.

Chong shared his excitement with L.A. Weekly after stopping by the collective for the grand opening celebration, of course held at 4:20 p.m. on April 20.

“It is an honor to be associated with a truly compassionate dispensary that not only supplies the medicinal needs of the community, but more importantly Yvonne DeLaRosa Green supplies the spiritual needs as well,” Chong said. “I have no doubt that the city of Malibu has gained by granting 99 High Tide the permit to sell medical marijuana.”

CEO Yvonne “99” DeLaRosa Green opened up the collective with husband Sam Boyer. Attendees at the opening included former Malibu mayor Skylar Peak, who approved the store's conditional use permit, Mayor Pro Tem Laura Rosenthal, and numerous celebrities.

“Tommy Chong's OG is now on our top shelf and is also exclusive to the 99 High Tide for the Malibu/Palisades area,” DeLaRosa explained.

Left to right: Sam Boyer, Tommy Chong and Yvonne DeLaRosa Green; Credit: Photo by Tamer El-Shakhs

Left to right: Sam Boyer, Tommy Chong and Yvonne DeLaRosa Green; Credit: Photo by Tamer El-Shakhs

The reason DeLaRosa entered the field of greens and opened collectives is a personal and heartfelt journey. She was set on curing her mother of cancer.

“That was the whole reason why I got into this business,” she told L.A. Weekly “The doctors were asking her to take all these drugs and go through chemo and radiation. I had seen a friend’s mom go through that and she was really sick and bedridden. I knew there had to be another answer. I went to seek it and do research.”

DeLaRosa began to take her mother into dispensaries and felt embarrassed. She wondered why they felt so uninviting and dark, with bars and “scary security guards.”

“I went home upset and then thought, ‘uh oh,’” DeLaRosa joked when describing the moment she realized her calling. “I immediately realized I needed to open a collective that someone could take their sick mother, sister or wife to, that was more comfortable, relaxing and beautiful. This is a sacred medicine and my vision was to create a beautiful sanctuary with natural healing medicine, visionary art and music all in a higher consciousness oasis for everyone that needs healing and seeks to be nourished physically and spiritually.”

DeLaRosa said she instinctively knew cannabis would help, even before its anti-tumor properties had been proven. Today, eight years later, her mother lives cancer free.

After saving her mother, DeLaRosa knew she had to save others. She formed 99 Collective and opened up the Abbot Kinney establishment, which supported local artists and held community events and yoga classes. The spot was recognized in L.A. Weekly's Best of L.A. issue in 2010. Eventually, however, after a school opened nearby, the dispensary was ordered to shut down.

“We are from Malibu so we always wanted to make our home here,” DeLaRosa said. “It was a hard road opening this one. From small town politics to trying to get the license. But there are a lot of people in the city council that believe in this medicine.”

99 High Tide Collective is located at 22775 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu. More info at

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