Life is a story no matter who you are: your story. But our paths are not always clear, making us wonder, how will you write your own story? Every job, every adventure will be filled with good fortune, bad fortune, yes’s and no’s, as well as questions about how you best engage your audience as a storyteller. Some days, your audience is the people around you; if you’re a film producer, your audience is millions of people in theaters nationwide.

Telling a great story, going on the journey, and balancing the integrity of your story and the story the masses want to hear are the challenges of the day. Join Craig on this episode of The World According to Craig as he sits down with hit film producer Ben Everard (YES DAY, LIGHTS OUT) to learn how to craft a story … and maybe make a movie in the process.

The most important part of life is to remember that you’re telling your story, and everyone else’s story. When you craft the story of your life, remember that you will hear “no” a lot more than “yes.” What defines you is what you do about it on the journey. How you tell your story is just as important as what story you want to tell. What’s the concept? Who’s your audience? What do people want to hear, and what are they ready to hear? For example, right now people want escapism as they’re coming out of COVID, but they’ll want something different in the future. Always remember who you are and who you’re creating the story for.

“You are always trying to build the biggest audience you can for a project,” explains Ben. “You’re setting it up to win. There’s a very fine balance of maintaining the integrity of what this is, and you can never jeopardize that, but then building it in a way to set it up for success.”

Stay true to the story, and yourself. And if they don’t match, back away.


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