For this installment of The Jen Kirkman Talk Show, the comic invites pals Maria Bamford and Chris Franjola to discuss travel. Musical guest is Brendan Hines.

L.A. WEEKLY: Do you have any travel horror stories?

JEN KIRKMAN: Well, I was on that flight that Sully piloted nicely into the Hudson. That wasn't a horror though, more of a miracle. OK, I lied. I wasn't on that. For the amount that I travel, I should have more horror stories. I recently was stuck on a Southwest flight with a woman who had no book, magazine, music-playing device, nothing to distract her. She talked to me about the weather while I was pretending-to-be asleep with headphones on. That to me is as bone-chilling as being hijacked.

When you have out-of-town visitors, where do you like to take them in L.A.?

I rarely have out-of-town visitors because you have to do things like take them around L.A. If I'm working on a TV show, I'll take any family that's visiting to the set. That's fun for them and stressful for me! Other fun things: driving aimlessly through the hills for the views that my guests can see but I can't. Eyes on the road!

Have you ever performed comedy in a foreign country?

I have! I did stand-up in London, a few shows in a few small rooms and on the TV show The World Stands Up, and when I worked on Chelsea Lately we taped a week's worth of shows in Sydney, Australia. I got to appear on the roundtable there. And yes — I loved both.

What country do you think would most appreciate your humor?

I think Australia seems to. They're just a fun and rowdy bunch — not too uptight about anything, and I get lots of nice Tweets from the Australians. I'd love to be a hit in Germany. I'm working on trying to get a gig as David Hasselhoff's opening act.

Do you have any travel tips to share?

Don't overpack your carry-on. You're never going to read that second book or that fourth magazine. Use your passport for domestic trips, so that way you don't risk losing your license. If you're the selfish jerk who sits in seat 22B but puts your bag above seat 5A, stop doing that. Also, don't travel with your children if they are under the age of 21.

What do you do to pass the time on long flights?

I take Klonopin and nod off, or if the plane has Wi-Fi I get on Twitter and start trouble.

Thu., March 24, 9:30 p.m., 2011

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