L.A. WEEKLY: Just how famous are you in Australia?

AXIS OF AWESOME: We're more famous than Bruce but less famous than Dave … about the same amount of famous as Craig, you know Craig … the guy who got caught with the wombat at the premiere of The Dingo Diaries.

How are you guys different from Flight of the Conchords? Do you get laid as much?

There's only two of them and there's two and a half of us — that's a significant difference. We can also breathe underwater and are superior in most forms of martial arts and knife-based combat. Also, whilst we both sing comedy songs, we don't sing the same songs. We're also a bit more rock & roll. We smash guitars, start fires and stand up when we perform.

So, let's pretend that Kevin & Bean's April Foolishness already happened. How was the show? Any backstage gossip?

It was the greatest experience of our career. My favorite part was the time travel and the free gold for everyone. Also, fans will be pleased to know Jim Jeffries only suffered burns to 70 percent of his body. His legs are fine.

Will you be taking any meetings while in L.A.?

Yes, we have a meeting lined up with James Cameroon [sic], Gerry Burkhammer [sic] and Tom Selleck.

What do you like to do while in L.A.?

We mostly like to hire handsome men and re-enact scenes from HBO's Entourage with them. There are usually fights. Everyone wants to be Johnny Drama.

If you had a catchphrase, what would it be?

“Awwwww … Mr. Sheffield.”

What do you do all day when on the road?

Drive and try to come up with new and original catchphrases. … “Did I do thaaaat?”

Stephen Lynch considers himself a musician first and a comedian second. How do you rank yourselves?

Jordan is a comedian, Benny is a musician and Lee is a level-6 warlock and Iron Chef enthusiast.

Wed., April 6, 8 p.m., 2011

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