After a too-long hiatus, Beth Lapides, along with musical director Mitch Kaplan, brings back her whip-smart, hilarious comedy series UnCabaret. Hooray! This week's lineup includes Andy Kindler, Patton Oswalt and Moon Zappa. And Kindler's pretty thrilled about it.

L.A. WEEKLY: How glad are you that UnCabaret is back?

ANDY KINDLER: Very to extremely glad. Alternative comedy is where the money is.

You're doing UnCab on Super Sunday — won't you be too wasted to perform?
I plan to stop drinking Mountain Dew at halftime, and switch to Doctor Brown Cream Soda. Also might cut back on the hallucinogenic drugs.

What's your favorite Super Bowl food?

You can't go wrong with pizza, unless it's terrible pizza.

You should be a lot more famous — why aren't you doing two nights at the Pantages this weekend like Kathy Griffin?

I will be very famous once my video about viruses goes viral. Then I plan to play the Coliseum. Nothing gets a huge stadium crowd going more than sarcasm.

You've said you're a Dippin' Dots fan — how did you react to the news of the company's bankruptcy?

I didn't take it well. Still haven't recovered from the Sharper Image closing. Why didn't the government step in?

You play Chancellor Tootietootie on Wizards of Waverly Place — you must get recognized by tweens all the time. Do they get excited when they see you?

Nobody gets excited when they see me. If I put on my wizard outfit and walk around the airport for a couple of hours, I get a couple of puzzled glances.

What do you do for fun on the road?Go to malls. I like to visit Wetzel's Pretzels, and demand to speak to Wetzel.

You have no problem saying mean things about Jay Leno. Do you remember when he was funny?

He was funny in the '80s, but so was Dennis Miller, and look how horrible he turned out. They both signed unfavorable cable deals with the devil.

Beth Lapides' UnCabaret at First & Hope, 710 W. First St., dwntwn.; Sun., Feb. 5, 8 p.m.; $15, includes one drink. (213) 617-8555,

Sun., Feb. 5, 8 p.m., 2012

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