If you don't follow Eddie Pepitone on Twitter, you really should. He's brilliant. Pepitone performs his Bloodbath this week at the Lab at the Improv.

“We're all just a piece of corn in God's shit-pipe” –- that's a classic. You should put them in a book like that Shit My Dad Says guy.

Twitter is sort of becoming the place where my quotes wind up . Here's another fave of mine: ” The only thing stopping me today is genetics, time and place of birth, income, brain chemistry and lethargy.”

What's making you angry today?

The clearing out of Zuccotti Park. The occupy movements being evicted by the police is making me angry. I feel the country is a bloodbath of unemployment and despair. More people need to hit the streets.

You are so freakin' funny – why aren't you more famous?

Well, I finally am making some headway into the fame game: just did Community, 2 Broke Girls, Happy Endings, The Life and Times of Tim and am filming a movie with Anna Paquin in Sarasota right now.

Are you related to Joe Pepitone of the Yankees?

I have always been asked if I was related to Joe Pepitone. The short answer is no, even though I used to tell the kids in Brooklyn that he was my uncle to get popular!

Who do people say you look like?

People say I look like a cross between Franz Kafka and Don Rickles.

What's your favorite thing about L.A.?

My favorite thing about L.A. are the parks! Griffith Park, Topanga State Park. I just love to get outdoors and get some green!

You've tackled Runyon Canyon in your web series Runyon: Just Above Sunset, though it required an oxygen mask.  What's next?

I am thinking of writing another web series as a follow up to Runyon, this time about gold prospectors in modern day L.A. – they look like the old-timey prospectors but do it against the backdrop of modern day L.A.

What are you planning for the Bloodbath?

Bloodbath is the show where I get to do a long headlining set of 50 minutes to an hour. I love getting to improvise off my stream of consciousness in a set like that.

Eddie Pepitone's Bloodbath at the Lab at the Improv, 8156 Melrose Ave., W. Hlwyd.; Thurs., Dec. 1, 8:30 p.m.; $10. (323) 651-2583. – Libby Molyneaux

Thu., Dec. 1, 8:30 p.m., 2011

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