Back in November, Dave Valk, a political-science major at UCLA, was leading marches through the streets of Los Angeles, protesting the passage of Proposition 8. The events changed him, and Valk, who had always taken a keen interest in the gay-rights movement, realized the power of one person in making a difference. He also came to understand that many other students — straight and gay — wanted to join him in the fight for full marriage equality in California, as well as other equal-rights issues down the road. To get the ball rolling, Valk and Won Together, a UCLA civil-rights student group, will throw a festival to unite like-minded youth from across the Golden State for an afternoon of networking, fun and organizing. Featuring longtime gay-rights activist Cleve Jones, student speakers, good food, “action booths” and live bands such as Adam Stern, Blackcowboy, Elevaters, Electric Valentine, Girls Are Robots and Margaux Permutt, 1Fest will undoubtedly rock UCLA's Wilson Plaza to its core on Sunday. It may also turn into one of those days for the history books, when civil rights leaders of the future met and truly got politicized.Patrick Range McDonald

Sun., April 19, 1-6 p.m., 2009

LA Weekly