Mad Decent's block party hits our town today September 14 at L.A. Center Studios. The event features Riff Raff, Matt & Kim, Sasha Go Hard and headliners Major Lazer.

You know what a Major Lazer party is like, right? Women rush the stage, express themselves. There is a lot of bass, and also confetti, vuvuzelas, and the tearing off of clothes. Ahead of the show, we talked to Major Lazer's Walshy Fire, who is based in Miami and first caught Diplo's ear with Black Chiney Sound System.

From the 2012 Block Party. Full slideshow; Credit: Colin Young-Wollf.

From the 2012 Block Party. Full slideshow; Credit: Colin Young-Wollf.

Who parties hardest in the world?

I'ma have to say Birmingham England. They just rowdy. They just turn up.

What you think about Miley Cyrus?

Umm, I don't think about Miley Cyrus.

But what about the rest of the world catching up on twerking?

It's dope. If you know Miami, we live that, and it never had a name. We just called it booty shaking. We was born doing it. In places like New Orleans and Atlanta it's just a natural part of life. Miami been doing it since some of the first Cubans and Bahamians showed up, and it's good to see the world do it now too. It's the epitome of soul.

What are the modern roots of booty shaking?

I think it started with the whole thing with like KC and the Sunshine Band and them bringing in the funk that brought so many hits to the world. Herman Kelly had that “Dance To The Drummers Beat.” Everyone doing disco were really bringing that funk, that complete party. Then there was Planet Rock, and then DJ Uncle Al, and then DJ Laz who took it to the next level.

Every culture has some form of it, but is there a difference between ass shaking in Europe and The U.S.?

Fo sho, Europeans, they don't really get it in. It's not their thing. It's our thing.

Are you leveraging your Major Lazer stuff into solo projects?

Oh yeah, a new Bass Station album coming out soon and really representing that Miami Sound.

Best riddim of all time?

Awh man, tough question. It's an old one. “The Answer” riddim. Look it up. That's my favorite. It's from like the '60s. That's a hit. The way it starts, it kinda rolls in like somebody creepin on you, like criminal, and then when it comes in it's just murder. Just murder.

How you like working with Riff Raff?

He's dope. He's hilarious. And he got a really good following. People out there singing every word to his songs.

You smoke weed?


What about everyone else on tour?


Do you believe in the illuminati?

I don't. if it's real it's real if it's not it's not.

You posted about gunshots in Chicago….

Yeah man, it was crazy. It was unbelievable. Like so many gun shots, and they was goin' back and forth too. Chicago a crazy city.

Lot of kids are killing each other out there…

Yeah man, I would love to understand why that is, I don't understand Chicago, but I really do hope that the Commander in Chief addresses his home town. I think those young kids don't see outside their small box. I think they don't see outside their circumstances so they kind of resort to anything. But if they could see the whole world out there it might be different.

You're from Carol City, same place as Trayvon Martin….

Yeah. 100.

law logo2x b

What do you think about him?

It's horrible that somebody had to lose their life because of someone else's fear, fear of a race, or fear of youth. My condolences to the family and friends of the young man. That case gave a green light to be a neighborhood watch person with a gun that could stand behind a tree and shoot somebody. Trayvon exposed a lot of things. I think something positive will come out of it. It's a blessing in disguise. And he will never be forgotten.

But even with all that you've done, been around the world on tour with Major Lazer. Wrong person see you walking down the street at night in Central Florida….

They'd still shoot me. But listen, I DJ'd all through there. From the middle of Polk County to Augusta, Georgia. To do that again is nothing to me.

Who makes all those funny pictures for Major Lazer?

Gerry Dow. He's like a fourth member. He lives in Sweden, his art work is more important than….it's just as important as the music and the stage show. He's another member. He has input and everything.

Are you a songwriter for Major Lazer or a performer in it?

Songwriter. I just did eight records in Jamaica. I went by myself. I do this.

Anybody get naked at a show yet?


Bucket ass naked?

Bucket. On stage. Naked. Just once. In St. Louis.

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