Cardinal Roger Mahony was deposed for five hours last month in a grand jury investigation of past molestation allegations in the largest Catholic archdiocese in the United States, CNN reports.

Mahony was asked how much he knew about abusive priests and whether or not he attempted to thwart law enforcement's knowledge of said abuse, according to the network. The news comes as rumors are swirling around Mahony's expected succession next year. The question on many folks' minds, of course, is whether Mahony wants to get out of Dodge before this inquisition starts to really burn or whether he might simply be moving on as a result of his age.

A spokesman for the Cardinal, Tod Tamberg, said Mahony is not the subject of the grand jury's investigation. (We love the arrogance of the spokesman: When CNN asked him questions about the deposition, he said, “When the [deposition] transcript is made available to the public, you may resubmit your questions.” You may indeed; thank you your excellency).

The network states that one main focus of the grand jury is Michael Baker, who confessed his sex crimes to Mahony in 1986 and who is now serving 10 years behind bars for molesting three kids. CNN reports that sources say Mahony failed to tell police what Baker told him and instead allowed the priest to transfer to different parishes.

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