Our cover story this week profiles Madzilla, who is known for looking hot while smoking weed and is now Instagram famous.

The 25-year-old grew up alternately homeless and living in a trailer with a drug addict.

We spent time with her on Fairfax, and over the course of four hours, Madzilla smoked four kinds of weed. Store owners, skateboarders and aspiring cinematographers wanted her autograph, or else to take a selfie with her or give her a business card. Two old Jewish women cooed at her beauty but chastised her for piercing her dimples and tattooing her face. 

We couldn't fit every pearl of Madzilla wisdom into the story (nor into our original video), so here are a few of the other hilarious and illuminating things she said.

Credit: Michael Norquest

Credit: Michael Norquest

On visiting her long-haired drummer boyfriend in Hawaii:

Hawaii's so nice and relaxing and spiritual. I really just want to go and practice my breathing and shit.

On Instagram fame:

Like, any time I post something, in like, I don't know, five minutes, it'll have thousands and thousands of likes. Like, that shit just trips me out! Like all these people around the world at the same time are like, “Oh shit, like, I like that shit.”

On sharing her story:

There's nothing that I don't mind talking about, honestly. I want to have my story out there, for people to have a better understanding of who I am. I wanna write a fucking documentary.

On her dog, Doobie:

He gets carsick! Every time I take him in the car he throws up. But he's the chillest dog ever. You could hold him upside down if you want and he'd be like chillin. He brings such good vibes. 

Credit: Michael Norquest

Credit: Michael Norquest

On being part Native American:

No, I don't know what tribe I am. I want to find out though. That's on my list of things to do.

On working with new manager Shaggy Brown:

He's cool but sometimes he's just like super alpha male. Even with my own personal things that I have going on in my life that have nothing to do with even my brand. I'm like, “Oh, I'm gonna go hang out with somebody on Thursday.” [He'll say] “Well, who is it? Blah blah blah it sounds weird. What are you doing?” He's just like, “Well, you know you gotta consider yourself a brand and think about who you're fucking with.”

On early career dreams:

I thought I was just gonna be a hair stylist or some shit. I didn't know what the fuck I wanted to do… I used to want to make custom furniture. Like make crazy-ass shit and sell it to cool places.

On getting ready for photos:

It's so annoying, cause I always get make-up, like, on my cheek piercings, so I gotta like clean them off, and like clean the nose ring, and clean the grill, and make sure my boobs aren't out. 

On Iggy Azalea:

Before she was kind of annoying, but like that was just like the beginning stages, but now that she has like the right people on her team she's killing it. It's all about who's on your team.

On the big Medusa tattoo on her back:

Like, she's just dope to me. She's like hot, she has snake hair, and I like weird stuff like that. She's like a powerful woman, you know, she turns dudes to stone. Last year for Halloween, I made a super sick Medusa costume, I got rubber snakes, I did the contacts, like everything. And I hosted a costume contest, too. It was super rad. I looked like, straight up, like a lizard woman. 

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