So, um, KPCC (89.3 FM) bumps the beloved Patt Morrison from her afternoon show in part to make way for a much-ballyhooed program, “Brand Martinez,” built around host Madeleine Brand.

In the process Angelenos got, from the most expensive “listener-supported” station ever, canned “world news” from the BBC in place of the Times' legend Morrison, who has more local knowledge than just about anybody. Because L.A. is just gaga over world news with a British accent.

But today things got real interesting:

The centerpiece of said moves, Madeleine Brand, peaced out like a rapper who just sprayed champagne all over her audience.

Yep, after all that, KPCC announced the Brand is leaving the building “to pursue other career opportunities.”

This is almost two years to the day later that the “Madeleine Brand Show” premiered at KPCC. (“Brand Martinez” was a recent remix that debuted after a much-publicized search for a Latino co-host).

In her place on the show formerly known as “Brand Martinez,” with co-host A. Martinez, will be public radio veteran Alex Cohen.

So is it going to be “Cohen Martinez?”

KPCC has been on a hiring spree, spending all that money it begs you for rather irresponsibly, if you ask us. It has bought editor upon editor upon editor to bring you flat news online that you usually see elsewhere first (and with way more attitude, we might add).

Then it takes Morrison, one of the more credible voices on the local airwaves, out of the mix … for this?

What a mess.

You know what radio station is looking good right about now? Good old KCRW (89.9 FM).

[Added at 1:40 p.m.]: Maybe Madeleine wasn't too cool with having a co-host. LA Weekly staffer Tessa Stuart dug up this May tweet from the original “Madeleine Brand Show” (the account name was later changed to reflect the “Brand Martinez” redux):

It's a show about a radio talk-show host (played by Dane Cook) stuck with a public-radio sidekick he doesn't like.

[Added at 3:16 p.m.]: The Wrap reports that Brand might have quit over having to work with Martinez:

An individual with knowledge of the situation told TheWrap that Brand had told [KPCC editorial chief Russ] Stanton and SCPR CEO Bill Davis that she would not stay if Martinez remained her co-host. Apparently the station did not believe she would follow through, leaving them shocked by the decision announced on Friday.

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