Sisters Jenny and Heather Goldberg have been living and working together for several years. But the co-owners of Spork Foods, an organic vegan cooking company, will no longer share the same living space when they move the business to a West Hollywood loft, a step up from their quaint home-kitchen in Silver Lake. But the tight knit sisters are comforted by the thought that they will still work together on a daily basis. “We've been connected at the hip forever,” Heather gushed.

Before founding Spork Foods in 2008, Jenny attended the Natural Gourmet Institute for Food and Culinary Arts in New York City, while Heather was an undergraduate at San Francisco State University. After reuniting in Los Angeles, the Goldbergs placed their combined passion for vegan living into Spork Foods, which offers organic vegan cooking classes, and private catering. “It was our big F-U to the man,” Heather said about going vegan. Avoiding the meat and dairy industries, they live by example, teaching newcomers and regulars how to cook tasty vegan dishes, as well as how to shop and store products properly.

Once settled into the new studio, the sisters plan on partnering up with businesses and community groups to provide not only cooking classes, but lectures and film series, among other interactive activities. The first class they will teach at the new location is “A Taste of France”, April 17th and 18th. The menu will include French onion soup, buckwheat crepes, ratatouille and Grand Marnier truffles– sans cream and butter of course. With a different theme each session and a good number of regulars, the sisters don't repeat recipes. “Every class is different,” Heather said. Classes at the 1,300-square-foot space can accommodate 10-12 people, while the Silver Lake kitchen held about eight.

In addition to teaching classes, the Goldbergs offer services such as going to your home to re-vamp the pantry and refrigerator, replacing items such as bleached sugar with organic cane sugar, as well as sharing tips about storing foods properly in order to to keep the healthy oils intact. If you can't make it to a class, they will soon be available online. In the next few months, with support from local celebrities such as author Rory Freedman and actor Ed Begley Jr., Sporkonline.com will launch, offering virtual cooking classes to members.

“Some people come who aren't vegetarian or vegan, but want to incorporate it into their lifestyle,” Heather said. One of the biggest misconceptions about going vegan is the lack of sufficient protein. “With the Atkins craze, people are worried they are not going to get enough protein in their diet. You will not be deficient in protein while eating vegan foods,” she said.

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