Madame Nadine: Empowering Women to “Dare to be Different” Through Her Jewelry

A career in jewelry design was not something that Madame Nadine had initially envisioned for herself when she was planning out her life as a young lady. Since she is a schoolteacher by profession, she quickly points out that her jewelry designs are a pleasant surprise and that her career as an educator always comes first. Despite having a full-time job, this Canadian jewelry designer is making a name for herself with her Victorian-inspired pieces. Her work has been showcased on the red carpet at the 2020 Oscars, in fashion magazines, and on the runways during fashion week, and it has also been included in gifting suites at Cannes, The Golden Globes, and The Emmys.

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(“Pretty Little Liars” star Shay Mitchell wearing Madame Nadine Jewelry. Photographer: Mike Rosenthal)

Madame Nadine’s interest in design did not emerge at a young age, even though her entire family had a strong artistic background. It was pure luck that sparked her interest in design. She had never dared to dream about this, but a seemingly unexpected event changed her life forever. It all started on the day her husband gave her a piece of jewelry she treasured as a gift. Although the amber stone on a string brought her great joy, she wanted to improve its already stunning appearance to make it more unique. She set out for the local craft store to buy the supplies she’d need to make the perfect jewel, where she spent $500 worth of materials. Her designs are entirely handmade, from the pendants she paints to the nickel and lead-free metals she uses for her pieces.

Her drive to succeed as an entrepreneur began long before she launched her jewelry line when she nearly lost her life in a car crash. Because of this, she realized that life is such a wonderful thing. “I don’t want to lose a minute of it. So when I do something, I do it with passion. Getting to do something you are passionate about – knowing you are having fun and that there’s still so much to create and discover even though you’re getting older, is an amazing feeling. Age is just a number.”

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(American Actress Chloe Bridges wearing Madame Nadine Jewelry. Photographer: TJ Manou )

Madame Nadine’s collections feature intricately and beautifully woven laces, unlike most jewelry designers, who create their pieces by working with gold, silver, and white gold. The lace that Madame Nadine uses is made locally, and she ensures that all the materials she works with are safe and of the highest possible quality. “Laces are elegant, so feminine, it’s so ‘dare to be different.'” She is particularly proud of the versatility of her jewelry, which she claims can be worn with anything from a pair of jeans and a t-shirt to an evening dress. Her design is driven entirely by instinct, and she pulls ideas from anything and everything she sees in her environment. Her innovative use of lace as structure in her designs has garnered attention from all over the world, but especially in Hollywood.

Madame Nadine received a phone call from the gifting suite queen, Nathalie Dubois’-Sissoko of Dubois’ Pelin and Associates Group, inviting her to participate in the DPA Pre-Oscars Gift Suite 2020 due to the distinctive qualities of her designs and pieces. This event allowed her to enter the world of Hollywood, where her designs have been worn by celebrities such as Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars, Dollface), Megan Tandy (Batwoman, Teen Wolf, E! News), and Chloe Bridges (Pretty Little Liars, Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam). She brought 30 pieces of jewelry to the DPA Pre-Oscars Gift Suite in 2020, and three of those pieces were worn on the red carpet.

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(American Actress and Model Meagan Tandy, wearing Madame Nadine Jewelry. Photographer: Drew Blackwell)

Through her designs, Madame Nadine strives to empower women. She describes her collection as “feminine, timeless, and unique. She is quoted as saying, “I want to give women the confidence to say ‘I am worth it.'” Madame Nadine is continually motivated to create and reinvent designs that women of all ages can wear to any occasion by the power that comes from encouraging other women. “Making a difference in the lives of the women I empower through the jewelry I create is very important to me. I want the women who wear my jewelry to feel they are the most beautiful and confident versions of themselves. Even if it was just for one night, they had a wonderful experience.”

Madame Nadine’s heart is as fiery as ever, full of unquenchable desire. Anyone fortunate enough to talk with her feels inspired merely by being in her presence. Her life experiences and the difficulties she overcame contribute to the one-of-a-kind quality of her work, which she produces with love and enthusiasm. She is motivated by a profound sense of appreciation and a desire to spread the uplifting message she has to share. And as Madame Nadine would say, “dare to be different.”

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