Mac Sabbath get Hammered: The Teragram is serving up a magnificent double bill on Friday night, as metallic fast food-inspired titans Mac Sabbath join forces with gloriously overblown glam revival Hammered Satin.

Of Mac Sabbath, our own Katherine Turman wrote in 2018, “As a sage once said, there’s such a fine line between stupid and clever. And Mac Sabbath tread that line, loudly, proudly (and with magic tricks), to the delight, mostly, of both critics and fans ranging from school kids to metal heads at Britain’s famed Download festival (at Donington). Fans include, most recently, Mr. Ozzy Osbourne himself, who saw the band from ‘Birmingham-burger’ perform and, upon witnessing the ‘clownery,’ pronounced it ‘funny as fuck.’

Funny as fuck it is. You know what to expect from these big Macs at this point — crazy costumes that parody the old (defunct) McDonalds characters of the past, and songs that twist the lyrics to Black Sabbath classics to reflect an obsession with fast food. It’s bonkers, yet somehow it works.

“Some of the kids after a show go out and eat cheeseburgers wearing a Mac Sabbath shirt, and take pictures and post them,” manager Mike Odd told Turman. “Everybody is going to get out of it what they get out of it. It’s not a preachy show at all. You have to delve into the lyrics, because the show is tons of fun. Delivered by a clown doing birthday-party magic.”

Meanwhile, Hammered Satin will dress to the nines for their T-Rex/Sweet inspired glitter rock, with a bit of on ’80s L.A. sleaze lean. Way back in 2011, Lina Lecaro wrote:

“We’ve been amused by Swedish singer Noah Wallace since his days in the similarly Dollsy S’cool Girls, and we’re glad to see him sticking with the androgynous ’70’s sleazester guise. Cant really imagine him doing anything else.”

The event takes place at 8 p.m. on Friday, November 5 at the Teragram Ballroom.

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