[Editor's Note: Fuck Guilty Pleasures celebrates the over-produced, commercial, artless, lowbrow music that we believe is genuinely worthwhile. Like, among the best music ever.]

In March, Mac Miller put out a mixtape. It is called Macadelic. It features “Ignorant,” a collaboration between Miller and Cam'ron. Think about this for a moment. Mac Miller made a song with Cam'ron. Mac Miller. Made a song. With Cam. 'Ron. For someone who unilaterally fucks with everything Killa Cam does, the existence of “Ignorant” was a bomb. As was the existence of “Dig That,” Mac Miller's other collaboration with Cam'ron.

If you look around, you'll realize the little egg-faced brat is everywhere. He's on French Montana's Coke Boyz 3, which to a very specific type of hip-hop fan (read: me) might be the best tape of the year. Then his surprised-looking ass popped up on Meek Mill's Dreamchasers 2, which to another very specific type of hip-hop fan (read: not me) might also be the best mixtape of the year. And oh, who was the last independent artist to have a number-one record? Mac Fucking Goddamn Miller. Truth is: I don't hate Mac Miller at all. In fact, I kind of love him.

Most people don't, however. Here's why:

He's a 20-year-old white dude who makes songs about partying and smoking weed, and his target audience appears to be about 12. This annoys people; it reminds them that rap is one of the dominant modes of expression in pop music, and that anyone can, hypothetically, rap (see also: Kitty Pryde and Yoni Wolf).

The rapper Despot, meanwhile, once described Miller as having a “very punchable face,” and noted hip-hop blogger Andrew Noz regularly trolls him on Twitter, for what that's worth.

Overall, the enmity towards Miller seems arbitrary. It's like getting really pissed off at light beer: If you think light beer sucks, just don't drink it. Besides, all the Mac hate skirts around a fairly important facet of his existence: His music is actually pretty good.

Give Macadelic a listen. Just do it. Whether you like him or not, Miller's got awesome taste — Macadelic features the aforementioned Cam'ron collaboration, as well as tracks with Kendrick Lamar, Casey Veggies, Juicy J, Joey Bada$$ and (holy fucking shit) Lil Wayne.

So it's clear that Mac likes good rap music, and people who make good rap music like Mac enough to at least accept his money and slide him a guest verse. What's more, Miller's got a top-tier ear for beats. Blue Slide Park, his aforementioned number one, features two stickily emotive Clams Casino productions, and Clams' influence is all over everything Miller's done for months.

Mac Miller is, in his own way, conditioning a new generation to enjoy great music. I see nothing wrong with this. He raps ably, pogoing from straightforward, head-down rapping, double-time flows, Max B mumble-singing and Lil B-esque “Whoop!”-hop, all with abject glee.

Sure, he's kind of an idiotic dork, but he's an unpretentious, good-natured one, who's got a palpable respect for hip-hop and its history. There's a thread of goofy enthusiasm that runs through everything he does. This is because Mac Miller is basically a child. Next time you hate on him, ask yourself, “Am I the type of person who would talk shit about a child?” If you are, then Mac Miller is the least of your worries. Because then, after all, you're a person who hates children.

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