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Chick-fil-A's CEO Dan Cathy turned his chicken chain into to a political lightning rod by insinuating same-sex marriage would be “inviting God's judgment on our nation.” It's inspired boycotts and a run on their stores alike.

Kansas City rapper Mac Lethal, whose pancake flippin' “Look At Me Now” clip recently made him the go-to MC for viral videos involving fast rapping and food preparation, decided to speak out on the issue, too, by giving out a homemade recipe for Chick-fil-A sandwiches in rap form. The video is below, as well as our conversation with him about it. Go ahead and try this at home!

When did you first hear about Chick-fil-A not being the warmest of companies toward homosexuals?

In 2008-2009? It's actually a pretty old issue. I'm surprised that it took so long to receive this much controversial press.

How did you manage to crack the code about Chick-fil-A's recipe?

I tried several sandwiches with a few friends. My amazing wife [who is a chef] suggested that they brine the chicken breasts. We tested a few ways of brining it, and pickle juice tasted almost identical. Then, we tried a few other variations of the mixture until we decided to add malted milk powder. At this point, we were very close. Then, we Googled the recipe and found it online. It was pretty validating to see how close we were, save for mixing two different types of flour and adding dried mustard.

Has there been any response from Chick-fil-A?


What have the Chick-fil-As in Kansas City been like since the controversy popped off?

I imagine the last ten days of profit, from Kansas City's Chic-fil-As alone, could fix the economy. Kansas City is split between two red states: Kansas and Missouri. We have the highest Evangelical population in the country outside of Colorado. This is a VERY regressive area to live in. Which is why I stay here. I get to see what America really looks like.

Which of your albums goes best with a night of homemade Chick-fil-A?

11:11 Original Sessions.

How has the response been from your longtime and new fans to this video, compared to your more recent “Your vs. You're” clip?

I think the “Your vs You're” video was easier to swallow for people, because it dealt with something that is universally agreed upon by people, and isn't polarizing at all. Anyone who doesn't know the difference between “your” and “you're,” doesn't even know the video is offending them.

What do you think about people who've tried to argue that the Chick-fil-A controversy is a “Freedom of Speech” issue?

Anyone who says that (and a lot of people do) clearly hasn't done any research on the issue. Not to sound like a 19-year-old kid on his first day of community college, but what exactly, is speech? Where does it become more than expressing personal opinions? Funding organizations that want to make homosexuality punishable by jail time in America? Or DEATH in Uganda?

What would be on a Mac Lethal sandwich?

Two pieces of sourdough bread, honey baked ham, capicola, tomato, roasted garlic, aged swiss cheese, horseradish, lettuce, onion, and a kiss.

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*Rapper Takes on Chick-Fil-A + Launches a New Genre: The Recipe Rap

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