A transgender inmate behind bars for a Southern California murder doesn't have a right to a state-funded sex-change operation, California's First District Court of Appeal ruled this week.

Lyralisa Stevens, serving 50-years to life for killing a roommate in a San Bernardino hotel room over a clothing bill, wanted taxpayers to foot the bill for penis removal, but the court say no way.

The judges also denied her request for …

… a transfer to a womens' prison.

Stevens' lawyer, Alison Hardy, is pissed, saying the court did not consider her client's medically diagnosed “gender identity disorder.”

According to Associated Press Stevens has had breast and hip augmentation and has taken hormones. She lives as a woman, and prison officials have isolated her behind bars to protect her from the guys.

It's not clear if Stevens will appeal. So far judges say if an inmate's inner-woman needs to be freed, it's not going to be on your dime.


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