Meet America's youngest female billionaire.

She lives in a $17.4 million home in the San Gabriel Valley foothill community of Bradbury. She drag races in area NHRA events.

She's reportedly only 30. And she doesn't have a college degree.

She's Lynsi Torres, and …

… she's the president and heir at In-N-Out Burger, which is said in a Bloomberg profile to be worth $1.1 billion.

Her Snyder family matriarchs and patriarchs who founded the private chain in Baldwin Park (it has spread to Texas but mainly stays close to local supply lines) have died out, leaving the business to Torres.

Bloomberg's story set off a flurry of buzz about the young billionaire on sites such as Gawker and Yahoo! Finance.

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Of course, all that cash isn't liquid — yet. Torres wass scheduled to inherit the whole enchilada in five years. She apparently got a big share of the company when she turned 30 recently.

Speaking of enchilada, is she Latina? Torres, after all, was once named Martinez.

No. We asked In-N-Out's marketing department just that question more than five years ago when this author was a staff writer at the late, great Ciudad magazine.

Lynsi was born a Snyder and got her Spanish surname(s) by marriage, we were told.

Bloomberg says she's been married three times. Her latest man is fellow drag racer and contractor Val Torres Jr. She had two children with ex-hubby Richard Martinez and shares Torres' daughters as stepchildren.

She also has a lot of family descendants named Benjamin waiting for her at the bank.

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