LykosGonna: Self Expression Through High-End ModernFashion

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They say that life imitates art, and this has been found to be true time and time again. The way that we carry ourselves reflects how we want others to see us and this is especially true when it comes to what we wear. Trends come and go, and we as a society have been evolving our looks alongside those trends for generations.

These shifting trends and the growing industry motivated Bryant Ugonna Iriele, a young man with a passion for fashion, to launch his very own clothing brand, LykosGonna. The brand was founded back in 2017, after years of fostering his growing interest in art and fashion. He was raised by parents who were fashion icons in their youth, and soon became eager to build his own brand from the love he possessed for trends and style.

LykosGonna, as a brand, addresses an issue that Bryant holds close to his heart–the provision of casual and affordable brands for the younger generation. The brand aims to provide young people with a sense of fashion and a way to express their true selves without the fear of being judged. Being a teenager is already a challenge, and LykosGonna is looking to minimize the insecurities that arise during that uneasy time period.

Their limited collection (which can only be found on their website) consists of unique and fresh designs that differ from what you would find in big name stores. LykosGonna is unique in that they are able to seamlessly integrate street style with everyday fashion. Their products are high-end, not so much in price, but in terms of the quality, trends, and innovation. Comfort is key when it comes to LykosGonna as a whole. Their clothing, at the core, leans heavily into modern trends and streetwear, which consists of stylish hoodies and trendy tee shirts.

With technology changing and advancing just as quickly as the fashion industry, Bryant believes that both industries should work in conjunction with one another in order to explore new and unique potentials. This is why Lykosgonna’s production process is heavily influenced by technology. This partnership allows them to explore new areas in fashion while lowering costs without lowering quality. With “fast fashion” on the rise, Bryant continues to work his brand in a different and unique direction, to avoid producing products that rip, tear, and are rendered off-trend within a month.

“Happiness is the key to a good life,” Bryant explains, when asked about how he describes what success means to him. His positive attitude and genuine love for the industry is what sets him apart from other designers. He expresses how much it means to him to be able to provide the next generation of fashion lovers with quality clothing, as well as a quality mindset. “Take your time, and you will eventually get there. And above all, be kind, be loving, and generous.”

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