Nashville singer/songwriter Lydia Luce told us about a special night in Silver Lake.

Lydia Luce: I moved to LA in 2015 and immediately found my Americana/roots crowd at the Grand Ole Echo aka Sunday afternoons at The Echo in Silver Lake. I was there every Sunday and even performed a few times. Through this community I learned about Bandit Town and the Hooligan Hoedown that takes place there every year. When I think back on the most joyful shows I’ve been to, the Hooligan Hoedown is top 3.

I went with a group of girls and we camped at Bandit Town with all of the other Hooligans. Moonsville Collective and The White Buffalo performed that evening after everyone ate a communal BBQ meal and drank craft beer. Most of the people attending road their motorcycles but me and the gals arrived carpool style in a Honda Prius. I love the americana/roots community in LA and I’m so happy I got to go to that show. I made friends that night that I am still close with while kicking pumpkins into the fire late into the evening wearing a beard.

Lydia Luce’s Dark River album is out now.

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