Luxury Realtor, Jacqueline Pirkle, Lands Spot on Reality TV Show, Million Dollar Wheels

Over the past year, Jacqueline’s involvement in luxury real estate has awarded her the opportunity to gross multi-seven figures in sales in the highly sought after Miami market. Her specialty is in luxury pre-development condos and residential mansions, earning a spot as a top broker in the new E11even Residences Tower in Miami, along with a $20 Million off-market listing. Her connections with the elite social scene have given her the perfect opportunity to provide high-end properties for A-list clientele.

Through her success, she captivated the attention of a new hit LA- based TV show, Million Dollar Wheels. They approached her with an opportunity to star in an episode in the first season. She was excited to get the chance to gain exposure to the California luxury real estate market, especially considering her already substantial list of celebrity clients in Florida. “My clients are always taken care of, they know I’ll get them exactly what they want,” says Jacqueline Pirkle. She was a perfect fit for the idea of the show, bringing million-dollar properties to elite clients by way of million-dollar luxury vehicles.

The show, Million Dollar Wheels, aired late February 2022 on Discovery+ and includes celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Floyd Mayweather, Travis Barker, Jay Balvin, Tom Holland, and more star-studded appearances. “Luxury cars go hand-in-hand with the luxury real estate market,” says Jacqueline Pirkle of her excitement to participate in the new reality TV Show. She knew just where to go to get wheels worthy of the clientele she was sporting in LA, Wires Only, the only car dealer able to obtain rare luxury vehicles for high-profile customers.

Jacqueline Pirkle continues to grow and expand her reach in real estate with her new exposure to LA-based properties. She is featured as a top agent to an elite brokerage in Miami and her socialite appearances in the Miami nightlife continue to provide optimal pairings. Jacqueline’s professionalism is unmatched, giving buyers confidence and serving high-end deals to A-list clientele while enjoying champagne on yachts.

To work with Jacqueline, reach out to her via Instagram or email: @Jacquelinepirkle or

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