She's toured with fellow comic Katt Williams and appeared on HBO's Californication, Sandra Bullock's All About Steve and Comedy Central's short-lived and much-missed Chocolate News. But Luenell is perhaps most remembered for making sexy time with Sacha Baron Cohen, playing his girlfriend/prostitute in 2006's Borat. (You may recall that on their first date, they went to a country and western bar, where they line-danced and rode a mechanical bull, and after unsuccessfully kidnapping Pamela Anderson, Borat took her back to Kazakhstan as his bride and had two mulatto children.) Of the film's alleged 96 arrests, Luenell was not one of them. Surprising for a comedian who's so raunchy she makes Lisa Lampanelli sound G-rated. She walks around with a bejeweled pimp cup, has platinum-blond hair, acrylics out to here and makes plenty of sex jokes girls of a certain girth can appreciate, including the small size of hotel soap and the itching and burning sensation after using Nair in her bikini area, which she illustrates and amplifies by rubbing the mike against her crotch. Swish, swish, swish. Luenell reteams with her Katt Williams tour mates Red Grant and Melanie Comarcho.

Fri., Nov. 27, 8 p.m., 2009

LA Weekly