British singer and songwriter Lucy Spraggan might have found fame on the UK version of The X Factor, but she’s way more than a reality TV star. A champion for the LGBTQ community, she signed to Columbia shortly after her appearance on the show (which was cut short due to illness).

Her new album, out this week, is called Choices, and it’s inspired by her new found sobriety and a divorce: “I was in the middle of a big break up,” Spraggan says in a statement. “The end of a marriage is quite  something, and touring a lot, and I got to the point of about six months and I’d been drinking every day. One or two  glasses a show or evening, and I went out and had a really messy night and woke up the next morning and just said  ‘fuck this, this is not what my life is supposed to be like’.”

She started working out, got herself into a healthy space, and the album reflects her journey.

“I’ve lasted quite a long time in this savage industry, and as a woman as well,” she said in the press release. “It’s kind of nice to  feel confidently comfortable but still really hungry.”

Hear for yourself when she livestreams this week.

Tune in at 10 a.m. PT on Friday, February 26, here.

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