So what feels better – front door or back door, and why?

I can't lie, for me it's always the front door. The back door can be fun, but there's nothing like what the front can do. Even though I have had so many people tell me that, “Well you just haven't found the right [someone] yet.”

Really!? You think?!

The back door can be fun, and with the right guy, I get to enjoy it even more when he loses control, and without touching himself or anything, he erupts. I make it a game sometimes, and see how many times I can get him off, or if I can even knock him out. But for the most part, I don't really feel a difference between the back door (on either sex) and my hand. Though, no back door has ever gotten me off.

But the front door controls so much more. You see so many more reactions, and you play with so many more nerve and pleasure endings all together. Both of you get to enjoy similar sensations, it seems. The uniqueness that the front door can do – pulsing, gripping, vibrating, spasming and milking – are just in a class all on its own.

Image: Simon Howden.

LA Weekly