The G-spot exists, right? How do I help my man find it without feeling like we're at the gyno?

Yes, despite recent research out of some other spot in the UK, the G-spot does most definitely exist. Thing about it is, that a.) It's part of the clitoral nerve body; and b.) it's actually found on the top wall of the urethra, and not the vagina, which makes finding it a tad more challenging for some.

Here's how you can find it without feeling like you're spread eagle and waiting for a speculum. For starters, have an orgasm before you go there. That means get off in another way, another way being clitoral stimulation for most women. Then once you're relaxed and also a bit revved up, have your guy go in to the vagina, with both his pointer and middle finger curved in that “come here big boy” sort of motion.

Yeah, I'm talking to you

Sorry, got carried away there. Once he's in there, he can stroke back and forth, or make small circles around the area. It's right behind the pubic bone, the area I'm talking about.

You need to be aroused to feel the G-spot, and the “spot” itself feels like the roof of your mouth, or think of that wavy ruffles potato chip. Once you're in and massaging the top wall, head back and hook around the pubic bone. That's where he'll most likely feel a more clustered group of lines. That's the G-spot. It may feel like you have to pee, so do that before you start to play, but otherwise relax and breathe and then decide how it feels.

Not all women love G-spot penetration, so have your partner turn his fingers around (pointing down, instead of at your belly) and see how the perineal sponge area feels when it gets massaged too. He can also use his knuckles on your G-spot from that position. 


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